• Entertainment: News, TV, Radio, Music, Books, Active Games Body & Mind
  • Connection: Audio&Video Calls
  • Alerts: GPS Tracking, SOS Alert, Fall Detection, Reminders, Medications, Appointments
  • Support: Remote Help & Support, On demand Applications

Resident Homes Features:

  • Integration with EHR/ EMR or iCare (Customized Platform); Invoicing
  • Purchasing Add-ons
  • Nurse Call; Meal Ordering; Surveys; Announcement; Bedside Arm
  • Monthly sessions to  improve technology literacy

iCare System

Basic Functionalities (can be customized):

Meal Ordering, Care Packages, Entertainment/ APPS, Activities, Social Lounge, Service Requests

  1. Customized system for Retirement and Senior living Homes guarantying easy access to various features and packages.
  2. Easily integrated and set up, web based, can be used with iCareTab or separately.
  3. Simplify purchase and sale of additional Services